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“What the Health” & “Cowspiracy”: Food & Its Effect

“What the Health” & “Cowspiracy”: Food & Its Effect

Here are two important documentaries that examine the behind the scenes story of the typical American diet.

“What the Health”

From the makers of “Cowspiracy” (below) comes another informative film on human health and survival.

For those looking to delve deeper into the “accepted norms” of the American Diet, this film can be quite the eye-opener as it examines diet and disease in a very compelling manner. It comes to us highly recommended.

Here below is the trailer for “What the Health” and it is available on Netflix.

Scenes From Cowspiracy

Here is a 15 minute excerpt from the acclaimed documentary….worth the watch….I believe it is free on Netflix these days….


  1. Thank you for posting Satyam! Me and my husband have decided to eat a vegan diet. It’s a bit challenging, but so doable. I feel better already!

    • That’s a hearty congratulations to you and your husband. I think you all will notice a big difference…look forward to touching base with you more about it…

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