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What is Your Smoothie of Choice?

orange-carrot smoothieThe other day my brother walked into my room – called my name – and said look at this.

It was a massive glass bowl of something resembling a sunrise or sunset – I am not quite sure.

And this was unusual because we are stick blender people. Nothing fancy when it comes to smoothies: Banana & water, or  Banana, apple and water, or Banana with peanuts (soaked or not) – well you get the idea. Pretty simple stuff though admittedly sometimes a ripe mango, or kiwi, or handful of frozen blueberries can make their way in.

My brother announced: “Carrot & banana – just dice up the carrots ahead of time and the stick blender will do its work and no need to toss away any fibers.”  Do have to say it is a fine combo.

Though, at the same time, I realize there are much more refined techniques and ingredients for the ultimate in smoothie making.

smoothieSo please tell us your favorite smoothie inventions. Also share what tools / machines you use as well as the season- ie. what you make in summer & winter.

Lastly, will try and share some of the great recipes Bethanne (Eating Healthy seminar facilitator) has presented to us in those programs.

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  1. Ambers Breakfast smoothie:

    2 frozen bananas, 1c plain yogurt or ice , 1/2c frozen strawberries, 1/4c granola, 1 tbs. honey

    Blend all together, ENJOY!!!

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