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What is Your Favorite Yoga Pose?

favorite yoga poseSome years ago I posed the question:

What is your favorite yoga pose & why?

And we got a huge response…

Life changes – we grow – we encounter obstacles – so I figured it was about time that I asked again.

Please do tell us, what is your favorite yoga pose and why?

At the same time I do not wish to discount meditation as that is the veritable foundation of what yoga is all about. So if you prefer meditation to hatha yoga (physical yoga), kindly tell us what you  like best about meditation.

Look forward to hearing from you…

  1. Tree has always been my favorite yoga pose and still is. When I was small I used to stand with my leg resting on my upper thigh, similar to tree pose, simply because I found it to be comfortable 🙂

  2. Hi Hilary,

    Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this one…

    You have given a perfect description, I can totally see you standing like that as a stance of comfort when you were small!!

    See you in tree pose in your next Thursday session.


  3. Choosing 1 favorite is a little tough, it’s a toss-up between downward facing dog and matsyendrasana (seated spine twist). Down dog makes me feel rooted and focused while twists make me feel rejuvenated.

    Hope all is well Satyam!

  4. Tough call, but I think I’d have to say tree pose. Being grounded into the mat while rising up tall to reach for the sun–I can visualize roots going down and branches going up, and I think of the way trees are so pliant, able to bend with winds and storms, yet stay so grounded. When I’m really into the pose, and I feel rock solid, it’s very empowering. (Although admittedly there are plenty of practices when I’m more like a sapling blowing in the wind… 🙂

    Like Hilary, I also find myself standing with one leg resting on my upper thigh during unconscious moments, and have been doing that since I was a kid.

  5. I love reading all the responses. Melanie, I love your great description of tree pose! Like Sarah, it is hard for me to pick a favorite. A couple seem to stand out in my mind. First, I guess I woud choose seated spine twist. It has been one of my favorite poses for as long as I have been doing yoga. I feel that it releases any tension along the whole length of my spine leaving me feeling renewed and relaxed. It is a pose I often do when I find myself hanging out in a seated postion. I also love half moon pose. It gives me a sense of openness and freedom. Like I said, there are so many but those stand out in my mind.

  6. I also love tree pose, well I love trees, nickname” Tree”. But dog split is a favorite and revolved lunge is cool. Too many to LOVE. Meditation is special to me it brings all of life together with a peace and joy like no other pose.

  7. Salamba Supta Baddha Konasana – Supported Reclining Bound Angle. I love it because it is restful, heart-opening, and rejuvenating.

  8. Everyone should know that Sara (directly above) is a real innovator and seasoned teacher of restorative yoga. So when she says that there is a pose that she really appreciates – you know it is a good one. Indeed take notice.

    You can find Sara here:



  10. I agree with Sara! And I also LOVE Prasarita Padottanasana right now. I don’t know why. 😀

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