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Video: Sam’s Philosophy on Life

Sam Berns led a dynamic and courageous life – all the while encumbered by a rare disease known as progeria which causes premature aging. But don’t think he lived a life of suffering – never. Here below Sam shares with us his philosophy on life.

(Note: Sam died this past Friday (1/10/14), a day before he was scheduled to be an honorary captain at the New England Patriots game. He was 17.)

To read more about Sam, check out this newspaper article, or simply Google him….

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  1. Thank you for sharing this story. I am familiar with this young man, but did not know that he died Friday. His story, and his life is a beautiful and inspirational testimony to courage, strength, and love. Sam and his family were not burdened, they were blessed. Sam was an extraordinary young man who faced seemingly insurmountable challenges every day, and yet remained a positive, shining light for us all to follow. So thank you Sam. Rest in peace.

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