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The New York Times Just Validated Our Abs Class

The New York Times Just Validated Our Abs Class

Vindication at last, our Abs class was just rated tops in the country by the New York Times – well not really, but I feel certain had they attended we would have been up there. 

I’ll be the first to say that a yogic way of life starts with daily meditation, a sentient diet, a few gentle poses, proper company, and designated quiet time each day.

That said, it was interesting to see The New York Times do a feature article on our Abs Classes. Okay maybe it was not a feature article, nor even a paid ad, but it did look awfully familiar. And our Abs class may be a lot more accessible than you think.

Recently someone joined the class and we devised a way how she could modify and regulate her poses and in a short while she has really made great strides. I will try and interview her this week about it.

Till then please do enjoy this Times article that could be but really isn’t about our Abs class. Just click on the below image to see the NYT article in full…

NYT and Abs Class

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