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The Chakra Workshop: Recap

chakra workshopWe had a great meeting of the minds yesterday in our chakra workshop – truly a wonderful gathering of people / seekers, 20 in all, for a venture into the very mystical, yet very practical, topic of chakras.

Everyone did well managing the load of Sanskrit terminology and made great strides in their understanding. We dove into some intricate shlokas (verses) to build our foundation and gain theoretical understanding.

We learned about the qualities and characteristics of each of the chakras and what effect they have on our physical body and human personality.

Then of course, energetically, everyone delved deep within, no holding back when it came time for our practical applications. We used our bodies and minds as laboratories to discover and gain insight into the chakra system.

Lots of ground was covered and and there is always so much more to do and say – yet everyone was right there, step for step in our journey.

Thanks to all who came out and helped create a dynamic, open, and supportive environment for the workshop.

Here are some of the comments. What I liked most about the seminar was…

Handout and meditation: Much more in depth than I expected.

Delving into the more technical Sanskrit theory.

When it clicked about “filling the mind with a positive intention and thought instead of clearing [emptying] the mind, because it might be filled with something you will not like”.

Integrating the meditation with the chakras.

Explanation of how the chakra system is linked with the rest of the body / mind processes. I also liked learning the origins of the terms like ha-tha (hatha).

Visualizing the shape and color of the chakra.

I loved the linguistics – the Sanskrit roots – but the actual meditative portion today was just what my spirit needed.

The energy that was shared amongst the group. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Thanks again to all for coming out and making it a memorable one!!

  1. Satyam:
    You answered my main question before I asked it: “Start with the first chakra and work up the line to find balance.” I found the comparison of the chakras to a staircase insightful. Thanks to all for supporting my journey.

  2. Hi Satyam,

    I had such a great afternoon at your chakra workshop. It was so good to reconnect with all the concepts that I’ve studied for so long. I left in a very blissful state, which was a good reminder to practice more.

    Many thanks,


  3. What a difference a seminar makes! Taking to heart all the information and energy and thanking Satyam and the entire group. Much gratitude…

  4. “We dove into some intricate shlokas (verses) to build our foundation and gain theoretical understanding.”

    What was the source of your slokas? Was it Sat Cakra Nirupana?

    Thanks, Kathleen

  5. I really enjoyed hearing you recite the shlokas; I especially enjoyed the guided meditation in correct order. Your ability to translate complex concepts into “A-Ha” moments for me is such a gift.

  6. Thanks Michelle, Janel, Patty & Andrea for your thoughts and reflections. It was really great having you at the seminar – I always feel that every seminar is a culmination of the collective energy and momentum of all those present.

    Hi Kathleen – great hearing from you(!) – trust you have been well…thanks for your query – the source of the shlokas was an age-old meditation technique known as tattva dharana. What relation that has with the Sat-Cakra-Narupana, I really can’t say. I do know that there exists a wide, if not varied, body of teachings on the chakras / cakras. Hope that helps some…


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