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Raffle Winners: National Yoga Month

National Yoga Month

Well, it has been a great, great, great National Yoga Month! So many came and attended classes (free), and it was wonderful to be with everyone. Then today we had our grand, month-end raffle. There were 123 names entered in this free raffle and we had 15 prizes.

Here are the winners!! – followed by the class they usually attend, and who donated the prize:

Manduka Yoga Strap: David Clark Sr (Wed, Community Yoga)

Renaissance Yoga Thermal Mug: Audrey Allison (Wed or Sat in Galesville) [Note: Audrey was the only one present in class when the raffle was done.]

Renaissance Yoga Thermal Mug: Karen Edgecomb (Mon Nite, NECC)

Manduka Hand Towel: Terry Diguiseppe (Mon Nite, NECC)

Beaded Spider Window Ornament: Dianne Jones (Tues Nite, Christ Church) [Note: Many thanks to Catrina Lankford for this wonderful, hand-made donation]

Orchid: Marci Vitale (Tues Morning, St. James) [Note: Many thanks to Pennie McKinney for donating a beautiful orchid.]

Manduka Yoga Block: Kennedi Carter (Community Yoga)

Herbal Assortment: Gail Martinez (Strength & Fitness, Galesville) [Note: Many thanks to Sharon Brewer, owner and proprietor of Green Violet Herbs & Gail’s next-door neighbor!!]

Custom 8in Cake: Vera Pflum (Tues Morning, St James) [Note: Many thanks to Jennifer Gustavson of Creative Cakes by Jennifer for this sweet donation.]

Bring a Friend Free to Yoga: Chris Stuermer (Wed or Sat in Galesville)

Free Yoga Seminar: Peggy Brosnan (Strength & Fitness, Galesville)

Free 5-Week Session: Becky

Nature Photgraphy Cards: Kate Spano & baby Luke (Galesville Classes) [Note: Many thanks to Jeanine Hantske of Lions Lens for this inspiring donation.]

Yoga Mat Bag: Suky Cannon (Tues Morning, St James) [Note: Special thanks to Teresa Crofoot of 1 Tree Yoga for this wonderful hand-made bag.]

Unlimited Monthly Yoga Pass: Debra Pyles (Tues Nite, Christ Church)

So those are all our winners!! I wish I could have had 123 prizes but it just was not possible – best wishes to all and very much gratitude to all those who donated prizes for the raffle. Please know that all donors are local people / business owners who regularly attend our classes. If you would like to be in touch with any of them just let me know!

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