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Podcast: Oneness Meditation

onenessA Podcast:

Oneness Meditation

Time: 11 min 21 sec

Here is the latest in our meditation journeying. This is a way to bring connection – inside and out.

What is oneness according to the yogis? Is it physical in nature, or in some other realm?

This podcast explores the essence of oneness as offered by the yogis and hopefully allows the practitioner to both cultivate and feel this for themselves. Please do join us on this one…

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  1. Good morning Satyam, sorry to say that I could not download the newest meditation. The message received when downloading says, ” not found”.

  2. thanks for the heads-up – I did not check it properly last night – now it is working…

  3. Thank you for helping me to center. This meditation helped to quiet my mind and and soften my heart today — I am grateful for these gifts.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I am so glad to hear you are finding the podcasts helpful – more are on the way – best wishes to you as 2013 gets underway!!


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