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Podcast: Meditation Visualization

Meditation Challenge – Week #2

Podcast: 9 min 30 sec

The theme for this week is visualization – an explanation and new podcast are below. 

Whenever we think, whenever we recollect anything, an image comes up on the movie screen of the mind – or citta. Not only that, we we see during our daily travels – scenes, advertisements, videos etc – may “automatically” show up on our citta, without our conscious effort and without our wanting it to be there.

By taking a purposeful appraoch towards visualization in a meditation practice, the mind is cleansed – and with it the citta. And by training the mind in this way then it will become more pure and more habituated to thinking and working in this way. As the discipline gets more established the very nature of one’s mind will be transformed. And that is the great beauty and effect of meditation – transformation of mind to a more refined and sentient state.


Health Benefit of Meditation

Mental purity helps particularly in keeping a person healthy. Impure thoughts increase the acidity of the blood and invite disorders of the stomach, heart and brain. That is why every human being should make as strong a habit as possible of selfless service and iishvara pranidhana (meditation). (Yoga Cikitsa / Yogic Treatments)

Here is a link to week #1 & podcast on breathing.

(The below podcast was recorded at the end of the Tues morning yoga class, 10/6/15)

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