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Our Eco-Yoga Experience!!

Eco-Yoga_26apr2009 (89)Thanks everyone for making our first-ever Eco-Yoga Day such an enjoyable program this afternoon!

The sharing and caring, the inquiry and response, the contemplation and discussion, the stillness and movement were but a few of the key aspects of our day.

After a short intro and a modest yoga session, Karen McDonald led and facilitated an informative and engaging eco-program. We talked for some time about sustainable, gentle and effective ways to clean and maintain our homes. Everything from keeping ants out of the kitchen to neat ways of getting our pots and pans clean. Ours was a holistic view and many raised interesting questions and offered innovative solutions as well.

Then we did a hands-on, make your own household cleaner initiative, where everyone chose their own spray bottle or two, and mixed their magic potion cleaner(s). Window cleaners and all-purpose cleaners were the special du jour! Our workshop was a melange of natural cleaning agents and exotic yet natural fragrances including tea tree oil, cedar, clove, peppermint, citronella & more.

After, we all circled round for our meditation circle, delighting in the stillness and peace within.

The culmination was strolling out back and wishing our new tree a healthy and long existence, as well as honoring Mother Earth and the whole humanity. Check in each week when you drive by Galesville Hall and watch our Sugar Maple grow!

Thanks everyone for coming and participating. It was your energy and good feeling, your sense of community and connection, that made the program successful.

Thanks also to Exterior Image – landscape and design, Friendship Gardens, Cheryl Corson, and Galesville Hall (WRIA) for making this event come to life.

All donations received ($183.00) will be used for eco-friendly updates in and around the hall. Your suggestions are most welcome.

Oh, and yes, our good friend & eco-goddess Lindsay was on hand to photo-document it all!

The Renaissance Yoga Rock also made its first public appearance!!

Finally, let me know if you are interested in receiving an e-copy of today’s excellent handout on natural household cleaners.

See all the pictures here!!


On Saturday, Oct 24, we planted a River Birch
and three Virginia Sweetspires with funds
from Eco Yoga Day!!!

  1. Eco-Yoga Day *yay*! Humbled and ever amazed by the healing power of a good stretch, the softening of heart when practicing savasanah or pranayama – and just trying one new thing (especially one that’s good for our environment!) Its the greatest gift really, our living, growing connectivity (to each other and our earth). Many thanks, Satyam & everyone who made possible *smiles*

  2. It was a really fun day! Thanks so much for having it; I really enjoyed hearing about environmentally friendly cleaners and got some good ideas as well as reinforcement for some of the things I was doing already.

    What about perhaps having another similar yoga seminar with a focus on makeing your own self care products? Like oils, shampoos/body washes, scrubs etc.? I’d also love to partake in a ‘cooking’ class combined with a yoga class? Just some brainstorming…

  3. Many thanks to Satyam, Karen, and all the participants in the Eco-Yoga day. It was a great yoga session, as usual, and I enjoyed making the eco-cleaners. I tried out the window cleaner on my kitchen doors — it works great! Thanks for the sparkly view of the world. My all purpose cleaner unfortunately spilled out on my car’s carpet on the way home (I must not have locked the sprayer part closed). The good news is that after I sopped it up, the carpet is now much cleaner and my car has a tea tree scent! : ) I would like to have an e-copy of the cleaner recipes if possible — Thanks! I affirm Amanda and Michelle’s lovely comments too.

  4. I just found your blog. Great articles and well written. Thanks so much. Namaste!

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