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Mother’s Day Thoughts

happy-mothers-day logoHappy Mother’s Day!!

Well this is indeed a special day of the year, and here I wish to share a few reflections. I knew the day was upon us and in the past two weeks I brought the matter up in classes – now and again – just  as a heads-up. All along I had every intention of giving a grand mother’s day address “at the right time.”

Then yesterday – the day before mother’s day – in front of a packed class of moms, I told tales about the baby groundhogs under my porch(!) as an expression of spring, and did not offer so much as a hint at mother’s day. Oh my, in the moment I must say that it escaped me. Immediately, after class one or two people said in a friendly way, “I was surprised you did not mention mother’s day” – (usually you do that type of thing). All I could think was how did I manage to miss that one. It had been on my radar.

In yogic communities, the concept and person of mother is truly a grand and most honorable place. Mothers are revered as the caretakers of society who nurture everyone in their formative years. The yogis say, “As the mothers of men, every male is to honor every mother and watch for their well-being.” In fact, even 60 year old males will address a 20 year old female with the respectful title of “mother”, regardless of whether she has had children or not. The role bears that much respect.

The world is a very new and foreign place to every new-born. Infants are not allured by fancy houses, exotic cars, or any material thing. Their driving force is to find love and comfort. And that is what mothers provide. The love offered in those early months and years lasts a lifetime – literally. With that as a base, a person will always feel that they have a place in this world and that they belong. So that maternal love is a key ingredient of a successful life.

Once there was a great yogi who was crying hearing that his mother had passed. A few townspeople inquired, “Why are you crying – you are beyond all worldly attachments.” The yogi replied, “I am not crying because my mother died, I am crying because I just lost the only person on this earth who would tell me when I was wrong and correct me.”

Indeed, mothers have that capacity to always look upon their children as their own – regardless of their age or social status – and help guide them in the proper way. There are not too many other people who can or will fulfill that role. And in the case of that yogi, there was none other.

So those are but a few reflections for this wonderful occasion of mother’s day 2012. Best wishes to all the mom’s of the world! And my sincere apologies to all those in class yesterday morning!

Note: I was telling a friend about my blunder and she reassuringly said, “Well talking about the baby groundhogs is along the theme of mother’s day – it’s related.” Indeed she has a point, but not quite what I had in mind…

  1. All of us who have witnessed the tender care and devotion you show your Mom when she has visited our class know full well how wonderfully you celebrate Mother’s Day each and every day!!

  2. I whole heartily second Annie’s sentiment!

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