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Luke’s Yoga Practice: In & Out of Class

Visiting Luke 10052012 003Here is baby Luke involved in his home practice and ensuring mom’s alignment is ok! At 4 months, Luke’s philosophy on life is: Why wait – do it while you’re young!

Needless to say this is – an original version or adaptation (you decide!) – of ananda balasana, or happy baby pose.

I have had the good fortune to have met Luke a few times now and always he is extremely happy and easy going. The guy is one big ball of warmth and smile.

So really this pose is quite apropos for him – he embodies the pose.

On the ground is mom – Kate. Actually, Kate brought Luke to the July Sunday seminar – at the time Luke was a mere few weeks old. So he has quite a bit of experience with us by now.

To show that the home practice was no fluke, Luke made it on into class this past week as well: Tuesday morning Oct 9 to be exact. And Luke did extremely well. Then after a good morning’s worth of practicing he felt it appropriate to nap for a bit:

Luke Sleeping

But as I say, Luke did not rest for long. He is a busy guy, and it was not long before he was all dressed and ready to hit the road! Onto the next yoga gig…

Luke Dressed to Go

But make no mistake, Luke is a real adept. He and mom are quite the tandem and we have every intention of making a short video of their practice.

So stay tuned…

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  1. I’m not sure which is more appropriate: He’s a ‘chip off the old block’ or
    ‘the nut doesn’t fall very far from the tree’! Either way, he’s adorable!!!

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