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Live Sitar & Yoga Review


Thanks to all who came out for our Live Sitar & Yoga program. We all had a wonderful satsaunga (uplifting company) together. Anthony’s melodious sitar, the slowness of breath, and the stillness of mind all contributed to a wonderful program. It enabled many to reassess their place and touch that deep sense of peace within. While much can be written – words fail to capture the beauty and serenity that filled the air at the program’s culmination. It was truly a collective effort and wonderful satsaunga.

See you at the next one!!

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  1. Satyam – Anthony and you always make these yoga workshops fabulous. I leave feeling like I am floating and in another Universe. Sleeping so well that I wish I could attend a workshop like this everyday, but then it would not be the treat that it is. Can’t wait till the next one in November.

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