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Life, Death & Samskara: Recap

samskaraWell we had a very solid team turn out for today’s seminar, Life, Death & Samsakra. Everyone did very well with the depth and breadth of information presented. Indeed, they kept pushing the boundaries of the discussion.

We created a veritable web of connection as we applied the great array of complex possibilities according to the tenets of samskara theory, or action / reaction.

In this seminar, some very big questions were raised. Some perhaps came away with answers and some may have left with only more questions. Sometimes that happens in life.

That said, more than a few asked for a part 2 on this topic. We shall see!

All in all, it was a very inquisitive and engaging collection of adherents and seekers who participated today. You all certainly had your mind on the topic at hand and brought forth some incredibly insightful and meaningful queries and reflections.

Thanks so much for coming out – and those of you who could not be there, we kid you not: we thought about you…

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  1. Satyam is the most amazing teacher. His sense of humor and natural ability to explain very complex concepts made for a very enlightening experience. The class participation was exhilarating! I came away having learned a lot, and wanting to learn more! I am so grateful for the Renaissance Yoga community!

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