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Video: Introduction to Renaissance Yoga

Here is the our first-ever Renaissance Yoga video!!

Many thanks to all who helped make this possible. This is the first of 5 informational videos that will be released onto our site in the coming days. We have tried to capture a range of moods and expressions in this series.

The five videos are: 1) Introduction to Renaissance Yoga, 2) Testimonials I, 3) Yoga for Strength & Fitness, 4) Gentle Yoga, 5) Music Strength Video.

We plan to post the next video, Testimonials I, on Thursday, May 6.

After these 5 videos are presented, we plan to continue using video in a more regular manner as a way of sharing the ideas of yoga with all of you.

Thanks so much for being there with us on this journey…


p.s. Of course we want to hear your thoughts on this first video. Please do share…

  1. Awesome, Satyam!
    You must be very pleased and proud!!!

  2. Satyam,

    Bravo. A lovely video, indeed.


    ps…You are a wonderful person to have in the neighborhood.

  3. Satyam,

    What a wonderful video! Full of relaxation and peace in just those few minutes. It inspires everyone to try to reach that.


  4. It turned out great! So professional and inviting. Makes me want to join the community … too bad we’re not neighbors. Congratulations!

    [From YJ Community]

  5. – Hey! Turned out GREAT! Really fits what you are all about. Congratulations!

    – How lovely.You did a wonderful job. Miss seeing you!

    – Congratulations on your first video. I enjoyed it. Also, it was good to hear your voice.

    – What a joyful break in the day – great job. Hope to see you soon!

  6. Great job Satyam! I am so excited for what’s ahead. Also – wonderful to see my Mom, I miss her!

  7. That was great. Good job !

    (Via YJ Community)

  8. Satyam, it is beautiful! For some reason I was expecting a ‘home movie’ look…far from it!

  9. Nice job! Like the description of yoga, it is totally inviting. If I lived near by, I’ld be there! S

    (Via YJ Community)

  10. Looks great. I recognized Julie & Amy in the video…everyone looks so professional and perfect in the poses! I think it’s a great idea and hope lots of people view it.

  11. I also would be your student if I lived nearby. The music and your voice invite such warmth. I wish you where in it as well!

    (Via YJ Community Blogsite)

  12. Too Cool!!!
    Kim Parker

  13. Brother….


    Goose pimples on my arms and a lump in my throat for this intro in to the journey of yoga.

    Excellent venue! Keep it up, friend.


    Blessings always!!!!

  14. Amazing, I’m looking forward.

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