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Home Practice: Yoga Warm-Up (19 min)

Down DogDon’t have a lot of time? Just finished a run and need a cool-down routine? Had  long day and need to refresh? Or just need a change of space – physically or mentally?

Then this 19min routine may be just the practice for you.

Here is an unscripted, unedited podcast for your home and personal use:

Supine => Legs in Air Arms Overhead => Seated Breathing => Cat-Cow => Child => Balancing Table => Down Dog => 3 Pointed Down Dog series =>Lunge /Twist => Lizard => Down Dog / Plank / Cobra Pose / Down Dog => 3 Pointed Down Dog series =>Lunge / Twist => Lizard => Down Dog / Plank / Low Plank / Down Dog => Wide Angle Forward Bend (Seated) => Supine Bound Angle => Supine Spine Twist => Shavasana (corpse pose)

Feedback and Requests: We are officially in podcast making mode!! Give us constructive feedback and send us your wish-lists for future podcasts. Thanks and see you next time!

Note: If the play/download bar is not showing, please email me and I will re-install it. This one seems to be vanishing on me from time to time. Thanks!

  1. Thanks Satyam for the warm up. Feels like being in class.

  2. Blizzard and ice day today in CO so didn’t venture out to class. Instead enjoyed your podcasts at home. Sunshine again tomorrow. 🙂 Thanks Satyam,

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