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Help! Unidentified Gnome

Help! Unidentified Gnome

This guy popped up this holiday season and we are trying to find his home….if you have any info let us know….

For more details read below…

Here is what we know thus far:

* This is a bearded Yoga Gnome
* The Gnome is on his yoga mat
* The Gnome is doing Warrior II pose
* The Gnome is definitely not a voodoo doll (so don’t even try it!)
* The Gnome is wearing a hat so he is easy to hang
* All other relevant info welcomed
* The maker of the Gnome has been ID’d below…

Gnome Maker

The old lore tells us that Ms Nancy unearthed this Yoga Gnome deep in the caverns of mountains from yonder beyond during the era of Middle Earth…


  1. I recognize a Bateman original when I see one!

    A very good rendition of someone we know….

  2. Creative!

  3. Very cute, just like the original, LOL.

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