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Help on the Way: Puerto Rico Relief

Help on the Way: Puerto Rico Relief

As we prepare for our Yoga Benefit for Puerto Rico, we receive this news from within our own yoga community….

Ellen writes:

My son Ryan has been in Puerto Rico since Sunday on a humanitarian mission with his office. They are delivering supplies throughout the island to hard to reach locations via helicopter. He said people are very appreciative. You’ll notice that in one photo people spelled out HELP. He said they see this in many areas spelled out in fields or on roads as they fly over. His team spent 6 hours in the air today delivering supplies. He’s scheduled to be there about 2 weeks…

Ellen next sent this below photo showing Ryan touched down on the ground with a few new friends – i.e. boy & pup.

Thoughts: The devastation in Puerto Rico is staggering. Hopefully, as more and more relief efforts, like the one Ryan is part of, take shape, the victims will get the help they need: physically, emotionally, financially, and in all realms.

Here is a link to our Yoga Benefit for Puerto Rico that will held tomorrow evening, October 19….


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