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Healthy Eating Tips: Feel Full on Less

We all know that eating a balanced diet, not over-eating, and keeping a light stomach allow us to feel better. That is no secret. The secret lies in figuring out how to achieve this.

So let’s briefly look into how to achieve wonderful balance – eating to your heart’s delight, yet keeping a light stomach. Here are some helpful strategies.

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A light stomach for yoga is extremely beneficial. It brings flexibility, strength, as well as enhanced concentration. According to the yogis, the ideal way to keep a light stomach is by following this ratio during meal times: The stomach should be 1/2 full with food, 1/4 water, and 1/4 empty. As we refine and regulate our dietary patterns, this will gradually become our norm. We will feel comfortable reaching this balance – as opposed to eating beyond the point of satiation.

One recently published study put forth by Pennsylvania State University offers these excellent guidelines for feeling healthy and light after your meals. Do check out the study / article as it is easy to read and offers many, practical day-to-day guidelines.

Then there is also Dr Dean Ornesh’s approach: Eat More, Weigh Less.

Also part of this conversation is the rate at which we eat our food. Eating more slowly, pausing between bites, chewing thoroughly, and reading or conversing while eating help us in reaching that point of eating satisfaction and fullness, without overeating and feeling stuffed or bloated.

Whatever approach you choose, the one tenet that seems to hold true is that food choice and selection is highly important and has a greater impact than the actual amount you eat.

More and more are recommending a plant-based diet along with drinking plenty of water in between meals. Studies find this brings better digestion, natural weight loss, lower cholesterol, lower BP, elimination of heart-burn etc, and numerous other health benefits.

Join in on the joy of eating comfortably and feeling lighter…and let us know what you discover…

(Updated 2/23/15)

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