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Harvard Study: Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

Here is a very interesting report just released by Harvard scientists and doctors about the benefits of yoga.

Important: Do not let the image dissuade you from watching this video. They are primarily talking about the brain and stress reduction – not doing fancy poses.

Two points to bear in mind which they did not address:

1. Yoga is the only exercise that is based on the glands and that is why it is uniquely designed to affect both body and mind, as the glands are directly linked with both those realms. If you have questions about this let me know.

2. It should also be noted that the mind and the brain are two distinctly different entities. The brain is a physical organ; the mind is not – it is purely psychic and characterized by the I-feeling. According to yogis, the mind becomes associated with the body via the brain stem. So the mind and brain are closely related but they are completely distinct from one another as well.

Here below are links to further information which they mention at the end of the discussion.

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  1. Pretty amazing to hear about actual changes in genes related to yoga…just confirms what Satyam has always maintained: that someday Western medicine will catch up to yoga! Going to share this with my brother, who is transforming himself in amazingly positive ways after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes…I have long hoped he would try out yoga and this might egg him on…thanks Satyam

  2. It is good to know from your article that Yoga is the only exercise that is based on glands and hence affect both body and mind. It was really very informative video.

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