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Snowy Owls & the Vicissitudes of Life

Snowy Owls & the Vicissitudes of Life

The ups and downs of life are unavoidable; it is how we respond to them that is so important & meaningful…

Life is not always predictable and smooth; it is full of ups and downs. But the yogis say that if we keep our psychic ease (santosha) we will easily be able to handle the vicissitudes of life – whatever rises and falls that may come our way. See how this snowy owl does a fine job of representing the yogic platform, as he calmly rides the ebbs and flows.

Snowy owls aside, how then to achieve this type of mental composure and contentment of santosha – i.e. the 2nd aspect of niyama sadhana? A key point is to refrain from the mad dash for more and more material accumulation. That chase has no end. Rather we should be content with the basics of life (see note below) and redirect our mental longing towards the psycho-spiritual field. By engaging in contemplative pursuits one can gain a deeper sense of comfort and peace. The reason behind this is that one’s base of life is no longer fleeting material gains and losses, but a much broader spiritual approach that easily withstands the comings and goings of the material world. So we should all take a few minutes each day for meditative endeavors.

Note: Being content with the “basics of life” does not mean settling for less or depriving oneself in the material sphere. Rather one will always have their needs met, yet their overall desire will be aimed towards something greater and more meaningful that is beyond the material realm.

Acknowledgements: This video come to us via Annie, though I am pretty sure this is not exactly what she had in mind when she sent it to me….

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