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Friendship is one of the great treasures of life. Certainly this is something we have all experienced. With friends we share our innermost thoughts, smile, console, and rejoice. And so much more…

How dreary would life be without friends?

In Sanskrit there are many terms for the word friend – one of which is sa’thii. The root word sa’the means “with” and the suffix ii means “the one who”. The literal meaning is “the one who is always with you” – whether in good times or bad. Such a person is your friend. Hence the Sanskrit word sa’thii.

friendshipFriendships are invaluable and sometimes come in unusual ways, shapes and forms. We have all developed friendships in ways we least expected.

Such has got to be the case with Roscoe the orangutan and this rescue dog.

Read the story how these two became the best of friends and see all the wonderful photos.

Tell us about a friendship in your life…

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