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Everyone Has A Song to Sing

In this magnanimous universe, each and every entity has their own unique song: birds, crocodiles, swans, loons, folk singers – everyone has their verse, including Cadie. Depicted above is our illustrious yogini Ms Frannie relaxing on her couch as she presents her expert harmonica playing. Never one to perform alone or take the spotlight all to herself, Frannie is accompanied by resident vocal master, Cadie. Cadie’s voice is totally natural, and the lyrics all her own. It is quite evident that Frannie and Cadie have performed together often as their timing is impeccable – kindly notice how they close the piece beautifully together, each perfectly knowing what the other is going to do. Do enjoy this original, homespun composition straight out of Edgewater, Maryland!

In the ensuing sonata, to be released soon, they switch roles: Cadie on harmonica and Frannie on vocals!!!

  1. I’m looking for a good dress for the Grammy’s right now!!

  2. LOL! McDuff and I enjoyed that immensely!

  3. Wow, perfect pitch! My dog Cassie came upstairs to listen too.

  4. So cute! Tucker (dog) got up from a nap to listen!

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