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Eco Yoga Day: Apr 17

Eco Yoga DayOur 3rd Annual: Eco Yoga Day

Sun, Apr 17, 2p – 4p

Galesville Memorial Hall

$15 Donation (All proceeds go towards a local green project)

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Come celebrate the Earth Day season with our 3rd annual Eco Yoga Day. This is a time to engage in plantings, participate in a community, and recognize our inherent connection to the earth. Along the way we will do yoga and meditation to attune our bodies and minds to nature’s calling.

This year our theme will be: Biomimicry. This is a pioneering field wherein nature serves as the inspiration for all kinds of human activity including building construction, technology and so much more. After discussion this emerging arena with Karen McDonald (Environmental Educator), we will plant some heirloom seeds in newspaper pots that we make. This would be mimicking nature’s process by using seeds that can be harvested again and again (not just store bought seeds). We may also plant flower seeds that could be germinated and then planted around Galesville Hall later.

We will begin the afternoon with a short yoga session. In past years, we have always done tree plantings as well. Our gratitude to both Exterior Image (Lothian) and Greenstreet Gardens (Lothian) for donating trees in years past.

So come on out for this great, local, community gathering.

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