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Double Success, at Least

Nancy_B___Aug_2011__1_convertedAhhh! Another successful family vacation. The three kids are out exploring Deep Creek Lake, hubby is relaxing (or maybe taking this photo), and now I get time to do my thing – outside, in the peace and tranquility of nature’s surroundings.

Such are Nancy’s thoughts on this recent trip as she nails down a split-legged crow variation, all done sporting a Renaissance Yoga top. So indeed it is a success. And then we have this next go at it, also a success.

Nancy_B___Aug_2011__2_convertedNancy poetically dubbed this one as “fallen crow”. Yet we all know that crow variations are hard to come by without a fallen crow here and there. So this one was also a success.

Plus she did not have to name it “fallen crow”. She could have said that she was just kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying the view – and we would have believed her. But she did not say that. In her very straightforward manner, she said “fallen crow”. Thus she gets success on the point of honesty as well.

Nancy B - Aug 2011 #3Finally she and the family get success for planning and executing a grand vacation where all get the chance to air it out, cool off, and enjoy nature’s offerings.

Thus there are plenty of successes to go around!!

Going on vacation and doing yoga?? Send us your pics.

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