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Arm Balance Challenge: Feb 2014

February 2014 is soon to be upon us and with it – the Arm Balance Challenge!!

Arm balances comes in all shapes and sizes and they are something that everyone can do – and improve upon.

Some arm balances are more physically challenging…


…and some are less physically challenging.


Whatever your level, whatever your speed, please do join us for this great challenge.

How Many to Learn: You might try and learn a new arm balance pose each week, or maybe one over the course of the entire month. However you choose, you will gain something along the way.

Send Us Your Photos: Certainly we request you to send pictures of your progress, failures (these are sometimes the best photos!), and triumphs.

Which Post To Do: For those note sure where to begin, or what pose to do, you can check out these poses & sites for ideas about arm balance poses that suit you:

Beginning Arm Balances: Table, Balancing Table (shown above), Downward Dog, Down Dog on 3 points, Supported Side Plank, or talk to me for more ideas.

Moderate Arm Balance Poses (along with some challenging ones)

Moderate to Challenging Arm Balance Pose

Challenging Arm Balance Poses

and there are many more…

Share with us the ones you are shooting for and keep us informed of how it is coming along!!! Look forward to hearing from you…

  1. wow!! Love that pose!

    (via Twitter)

  2. I think scorpion is so cool. I would like to learn it. What poses can I do to help work up to it?

    • Hi Teresa,

      Some good prelim poses for scorpion are dolphin, forearm stand, as well as core and shoulder strengthening poses, and a generous array of back bends.

      Once you are able to kick up into forearm stand near a wall. Then just start practicing bending the knees and bringing your feet over your head – it may take some time.

      First build your base and then start working on the poses.

      KEY POINT: Having someone spot you at the beginning is a very good idea. Be sure to be super safe with this.

      All the best, take photos, and let us know how it goes!!


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