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8 1/2 Months

As usual, Katie came in for her practice this past Wednesday (7/18/12) for a little stretch and relaxation. Here she is at 8 1/2 months, though really closer to 8.6 months as she is due July 31. Nothing like a little forearm balance to keep one’s equilibrium…


Then it was off to half-moon, what else. After all, what better way to practice grace under pressure than to make life a tad bit challenging. Though as you can see, with her regular practice, Katie looks and feels right at home in this pose.


And yes, after all that balancing, first on the hands and then on the feet, it is time to move on to that all-important stage: relaxation and renewal. A well-deserved rest after another day at the office, er on the mat, for Ms Katie.


Katie’s baby girl is due to arrive very soon: July 31 is the due date.

Both mother and baby are in our thoughts as this most blessed day approaches.

(Note: The poses Katie is practising are only for those who had an active and regular practice before becoming pregnant, where such poses were already part of their regular mat practice. Finally, all kinds of gentle hip openers and select seated and standing poses are appropriate for pre-natal participants new to yoga. )

Here is an interview we did with Katie early on in her pregnancy…

Update: As of 10:20am, Monday July 30, Katie has not yet delivered and she is looking forward to attending class this Wednesday, Aug 1, which is 1 day after her due date!!

  1. Surely this is an auspicious start for a new human being! Best of luck Katie!

  2. Has baby Amelia arrived yet?

  3. As of Tues Aug 7 I do not believe that she has delivered…still waiting the news…

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