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Group Classes

Absolutely Abs

Concentrate on toning muscles and developing strength in your core. Engage in energetic flow, isolated poses, and dynamic sequences that focus on the abdominals to give you a stronger, healthier body. This challenging session is appropriate & adaptable for all levels of fitness.

Beginning Yoga

New and experienced students are welcome to join Beginning Yoga. Review and practice fundamentals of yoga for both the physical body and the mind, to bring balance and strength. Gain confidence in your practice as this is an opportunity to learn and / or refresh yourself on the basics.

This class will present a series of gentle movements and stretches to promote better physical and mental health including breathing practices and deep relaxation to reduce stress. Modifications will be offered to make this yoga practice available to people with diverse abilities.

Community Yoga: $5.00 Yoga Night

This weekly holistic, gentle yoga series meets every Wednesday night from 7:15pm to 8:15pm. No registration is necessary; come at your own convenience, on a walk-in basis. Community Yoga is open to one and all. Tell a friend.

Continuing Yoga

Move ahead in your practice of yoga or use this as an opportunity to begin. Focus on yoga postures, stretching, and movement sequences. Increase your flexibility and improve your overall fitness and well-being. Perfect your stance in “Pose of the Day”. Hear uplifting stories & inspirational tales.

Gentle Yoga

Explore poses in a slow and natural way. This is a nurturing, rejuvenating class that is appropriate for everyone. Props are used for basic restorative poses. Emphasis is placed on relaxing and soothing the entire body as well as calming and balancing the mind. Experience the wonders of this healing, holistic yoga experience.

Intermediate Yoga

Take a step forward or maintain your current practice. Engage in lunges, balance poses, and more. Develop strength and confidence. Modify as needed. Some yoga experience helpful.

Intro To Yoga

Learn the essentials and gain the confidence to enter a general yoga class. Or use this as an opportunity to review and strengthen your fundamentals. Individual attention will be given in this interactive introductory workshop. Topics include: basic terminology, poses, and breathing patterns for a sound yoga practice. There will be ample scope for Q & A.

Meditation Circle

Gather round for an inspired evening of slow movements, seated breathing, contemplation, meditation, and relaxation. This is a facilitated meditative session – no prior experience needed – all are welcome. There will be time for sharing and community building. Bring yourself, a friend, a mat, sit pillow, blanket, or whatever will make you feel comfortable.

Meditative Yoga

Discover the very practical approach of yogic meditation and see how it complements modern daily living. Learn ancient techniques to calm the mind and restore the body– inviting success in this 21st century. Gain the essentials for pursuing your own home practice. This dynamic meditative yoga experience is a class for everyone. Bring an extra blanket or pad to sit-on.

Morning Yoga

Welcome the weekend with warm-ups, yoga postures, and relaxation techniques with an emphasis on proper breathing and body alignment. Explore the world of yoga through weekly themes that enhance your being and wellness. A class for everyone.

My Morning Mantra

Start the day in a balanced way. Whether you are headed to work or warming up for more yoga, this 20-minute guided meditative experience is a great way to get on track. Use visualization, breath, ideation, and mantra to enhance your concentration and focus. Thereafter, whatever the endeavor, one is sure achieve success. Come join us.

Outdoor Yoga

Join us for our monthly outdoor yoga gathering (Apr – Sep) in a quiet, serene setting in and around south county.

In this session we will explore a full range of standing and seated postures – complemented by deep breathing, relaxation, and meditative techniques.

Come practice under the great sky, surrounded by natural beauty.

This session is open to all comers. Dress appropriate to the season. Bring a yoga mat. Optional: Towel to place under your mat.

Perfect YOUR Balance

This is a balance experience for everyone. In an open, supportive environment discover and broaden your physical and mental boundaries, and begin to perfect your balance: Using your toes, feet, knees, fingers, hands, elbows, arms, and– of course, your mind. Learn tricks of the trade & get plenty of time to practice in this workshop type of setting. (Note: You may want to have a second yoga mat or foam pad for this class.)

Relax & Restore

Experience how conscious breathing, guided movements, and restorative poses revive and renew body and mind. In this class you will have opportunity to practice at your own pace and choose poses specific to your needs. Select from supportive positioning to sustained postures, and vary your routine week to week. Meditative elements will also be part of the practice. You are encouraged to bring your favorite yoga props / pillow from home.

Renaissance Yoga

Renew yourself, move your body, and gain clarity about the “in-between-the-lines” of yoga. Start with warm-ups and a question of the day; transition into a comprehensive yoga asana routine; conclude with a short meditation and an inspiring tale. Discover how to build your home practice well as how to get the most out of your yoga. A unique class for one and all.

Slow Flow

Class consists of a gentle body warm-up followed by slow flowing movements from pose to pose. Poses are strategically held to bring awareness to the mind and body, focusing on using the breath as a method of control. This class will allow students to focus on finding balance in their practice. Class will conclude with yoga nidra (deep relaxation) to reduce stress and tension in the body. Open to students of all levels.

Strength & Fitness

In this challenging and dynamic, vinyasa yoga experience engage in a full range of classical asanas (postures) and variations including arm balances and inversions. Explore more than 150 poses as the routine evolves. Tone and strengthen muscles; increase range of motion & flexibility; connect mind, body, & breath; and, heighten your awareness. Prior yoga experience helpful and / or a high level of fitness.

Yoga Challenge

Challenging yoga experience: lunges, arm balances, inversions, core work & more. Tone, strengthen and align; find focus and tranquility. yoga experience is helpful. This class is very similar to our Strength & Fitness classes.

Yoga Flow

Get ready for mobility and movement in this flowing yoga experience. Learn classical yoga poses to enhance your alignment & increase your flexibility, strength, and balance– simultaneously gaining relief from the stress & rigors of daily life. A great way to renew yourself from head to toe, inside and out. This is a yoga experience for everyone.

Yoga for the Student-Athlete

This yoga class is specially designed for high school athletes seeking to enhance their fitness over the summer. Whether your sport is soccer, basketball, track & field, football, lacrosse, field hockey, or any other, yoga can help you with your training. Increase your strength, gain greater flexibility, better your balance, heighten your body awareness, perfect your focus, calm your mind, and improve your overall state of being in this challenging yoga program. So join in and check out what yoga can do for you & your game! No prior yoga experience needed; only your commitment and dedication are required. Bring a yoga mat.
Target ages: 13 – 18.

Yoga Tone

Yoga is a wonderful medium to stretch and tone your body, using the breath to invite physical and mental balance. Discover how yoga enhances your strength and concentration. Conclude with yogic relaxation techniques and an inspirational tale.