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Corporate Yoga

Yoga is a proven and effective way to advance your corporate team and strengthen your workforce. Corporate yoga classes help build collective spirit and create a more harmonious workplace.

Participants will experience reduced stress levels, increased concentration, heightened awareness, and overall mental ease. On the physical sphere, participants will increase stamina and endurance, expand range of motion, and tone muscles. Plus yoga will alleviate acute and chronic aches and pains that develop from normal work routines.

From the physical to the mental plane, our corporate yoga classes are tailored to the exact needs of your workplace. The result: A more productive team and a more congenial atmosphere so you and your staff can best meet your goals — and beyond.

Here below is a news report about job satisfaction and the quality of life at work. In this feature, we are leading a corporate class at Vocus. We have taught yoga at Vocus for the past six years. This video was taken in 2010 at Vocus’s old Lanham office. Vocus has since moved to a new, state-of-the-art, fully customized facility in Beltsville, MD. And yes, we continue to teach regular yoga classes at Vocus.