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RenYoga Apparel

Renaissance Yoga apparel for sale

RenYoga Shirts & More – Order by 7/25/17

We are putting in an order for organic cotton and bamboo shirts and capris….Click here for more info….

Insulated Flasks

Check out our new stainless steel insulated bottles that come in six colors….Click here for more info….

Renaissance Physical Proof

More RenYoga Apparel

Over the years we have offered many, many items with our 5-color Renaissance Yoga logo. Here is but a small sampling:

  • Embroidered Hoodie Sweatshirts
  • Yoga Clothing (organic cotton and bamboo)
  • Embroidered Fleece Tops
  • Engraved Insulated Bottles
  • Yoga Nidra Blankets / Stadium Blankets
  • Embroidered Travel / Personal Bags
  • Zip-T Neck Tops
  • Tote Bags (organic cotton)
  • Thermal Mugs

And much more…

Kindly contact us to find out what we currently have in stock and what we are ordering next.

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