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Diva’nishi: A Yoga Practice for Day & Night

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Divánishi, (Dee-va nee-shee), literally meaning ‘day and night’, contains the essentials for your own home yoga practice: A comprehensive yoga sequence suitable for everyone, beginner & experienced; a guided meditation; a yoga nidra / relaxation; and a brief narrative on the history and philosophy of yoga.

These experiential practices and explanations are perfect for anyone trying to bring yoga into their daily routine. The result will be a healthy body and a peaceful mind.

The soothing sounds of the sitar will enhance your journey. Join in and see how easy, enjoyable, and beneficial it is to bring yoga into your own home, day and night.

Divánishi Introduction (1:59)
Ghatam (0:41)
Helpful Tips for Yoga (1:50)
Yoga Home Practice (28:50)
Omn Shanti Introduction (0:55)
Omn Shanti Meditation (6:39)
Mrdangam (0:49)
Timeless Tale: An Ancient Practice for Modern Life (6:16)
Khanjira (0:39)
Yoga Nidra Explained (1:12)
Yoga Nidra Experience I (12:06)
Yoga Nidra Experience II (12:23)

Total Playing Time 74:19

Packaged in a 4-Panel Full Color Eco-Folder (no plastic).

Comes with a Color 16-page Booklet showing all the Poses.

$20 – includes shipping and handling.