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Yoga & Meditation on The Beach

Well the Rays went on vacation to the Beach – Myrtle Beach, that is – and it is great to see they brought their yoga with them.
Ralph writes us: “This is me performing a little-known yoga position known as the “Spotted a Dolphin” yoga pose.”

What do you think – do you believe him?

Whether the dolphin is really there or not, you gotta hand it to him – he is doing a nice pose. All the while dealing with the natural elements like sand and sun

So Ralph we give you a perfect score!

026Here is Madame Ann – taking a much more dignified approach. She is using an umbrella to shield herself from the sun and instead of looking outwards (for dolphins or mermaids), she is looking inwards.

Here is Ann doing meditation in her special sadhana chair. Amidst all the sun she has the perfect patch of shade.

So there you have it two opposites on vacation together – and having a wonderful time too, no doubt. After all they say the best dynamic in life is opposites!

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  1. Love it Ralph and Ann! Suprised Ralph didn’t herd the dolphins in to shore!


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