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What is Haritaki

MyrobalanLast week in various classes I was asking around to see if anyone was familiar with myrobalan. Some had heard of it – most not. So here is that promised blog post.

In India, myrobalan is also called haritaki. Hari means “that which steals” and taki means “that which cleans and enhances the glow of the skin.” That is the etymological breakdown. The basic idea is that haritaki is that fruit which removes all diseases from the body and brings a luster and shine to the skin. A fairly formidable fruit – no doubt.

Here’s more…

In Wikipedia it describes how there are various, though unrelated, types of myrobalan – each with their own specific quality – and haritaki is that type which has this miraculous healing effect.

This fruit is not meant to be eaten like apples, pears or bananas where you might have 2, 3 or even 4 at a time. Rather, just a tiny, small piece on a regular basis after your evening meal is enough. Or it can be soaked in water and then you can drink a small portion of the water each day.

So where to find this incredible fruit or seed? At this point, here in the US it seems to be limited to Indian shops? Of course if you go to India or other tropical places like Hawaii etc, then it is more readily available. In India, in particular, such trees are quite pervasive.

Ok, so you want to know more about this panacea of a fruit. Well, here are but some of the many articles that discuss the benefits of haritaki:

If you do go out and buy some, let us know where you find it and what you experience.

  1. Wow! Very interesting…now I need to find the nearest Indian food shop. I needed to find out were one was anyway!

  2. Haritaki aka Kadukkai or ink nut powder is truly amazing. You can order it online from Indian companies, but the shipping costs and time make it not worth it. Banyon Botanicals is very trustworthy and they have organic versions in pill and powder. I felt totally energized from the first time I took it . The only caution I would give is to start with very small doses each night before bed and don’t increase for a while as it seems to have a cumulative. I got a little over enthusiastic as I felt so great and spent a day in close proximity to the bathroom. I personally settled on 1/2 teaspoon, but my friend can’t handle more than 1/4 to 1/8th. I was recooperating from prolonged diarreah coming back from India. My teacher advised everyone to take it saying it would heal almost everything in the body. IT’S TRUE! It’s so inexpensive, and I feel like I’m in my 20’s (actually 62) loads of energy and all kinds of ailments getting better. I personally prefer the powder as it is stronger. I add it to some warm water at night. But for those who are sensitive, the pill form is very gentle.

  3. Dear Mary Ann,

    What a great account – thanks so much for sharing – a wonderful personal testimony.

    And indeed, they do say to take very moderate amounts, especially if taken on a daily basis.

    Thanks again for sharing,


  4. I got the fruits form it does work I tried it and it has helped my memory and eyesight. Also it gives me lots of energy. I haven’t felt this good since high school.

    • Wonderful to hear about the positive results…

      How are you taking it? In what quanity – and how often? etc

      Would be interested to hear…

  5. I use it for parasites, and did give me more energy

  6. I’ve tried Haritaki from almost all well-known companies. I have been using it for years now. And Banyan Botanicals is the most potent of all of them. Maybe in India you might find good Haritaki but Banyan has a farm in Nevada and all of it they grow organic and very potent. Nevada climate is very close to India. And just try it. Its 2-3 times as potent as others. And drink it with honey – you can have 2 spoons and you won’t feel disgusted. But don’t exceed, cause when I drink more thank 2 spoons the body rejects it.

    • Thanks Ara for sharing the info and the good thoughts. Haritaki from Nevada – who would have thought – but makes perfect sense…

      Will look into that one – thanks!!

  7. I can surely say that god has not created a better herb than haritaki in this world . i have ulcerative colitis patient and got cured from it.

  8. I am interested in the tablet form of haritaki but need to know if it causes diarrhea? Can the pill be split?

    • Hi Anita,

      I do not know about the tablet per se, but I do know that if you soak haritaki seeds and then drink the water – which is now more of a mixture – then it will certainly have a purgative effect on the digestive system. It will essentially clear everything out.

      Whoever manufactured the tablet that you have must have listed the side-effects on the box. If not, what I have found is that by calling the company lab then they will give you very detailed information about their product. So my recommendation would be to call the lab.

      I just cannot say how far those tablets effect the body the way the actual haritaki seeds do.

      Let us know what you find out.


  9. I am going to caution you all. DON’T take haritakki for longer duration esp heave doses like 1 tbsp. I did that for 5 months and now I body feels super exhausted. I had to stop it. haritakki has a strong laxative effect. So take only that amount which won’t give you loose bowels. I am still recovering from a bad fatigue and tiredness cause by haritakki. God knows when would I recover but soon I guess. In short, these ayurvedic herbs should only be taken if you have a problem or in some real need. Just don’t start taking an indian ayurvedic herb thinking that it is a panacea etc cuz there is nothing like that in my own personal humble opinion.

    • Jas – Thank you so much for sharing this – you are absolutely correct. Haritaki should be treated as a medicine and taken only for a limited period to cure a specific problem. It is not meant to be taken in mdoerate or large doses on an ongoing, daily basis…

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