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Warrrior III on Ice Skates During Arctic Vortex

Who says we’re all turning into weather wimps. Ok, ok, maybe I was a bit hunkered down during the cold spell, but I am proud to say that our practitioners were out and about doing the needful.

Katy writes us: Here’s my mid-skate Warrior 3 thanks to the Polar Vortex. Alas, the farm pond ice may be gone in a day or 2.

Katy - skating in artic vortex(Click on photo to see bigger version.)

Thanks Katy for the spirited and artful display of how a yogini adapts to and thrives in ever-changing conditions on planet earth. Can’t wait for the next arctic vortex!!

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  1. AWESOME FUN!!! I would love to get some pic’s of my son and his ice hockey team doing yoga : )

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