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Viveka ~ Awakened Conscience

conscience We can say that life progresses according to the choices we make. Positive choices lead to desirable outcomes; less positive choices bring a less desirable outcome.

We make choices with our mind and that faculty of mind that allows to make better choices is known as viveka, or discrimination or conscience.

The more our minds are developed, the more refined sense of viveka, the better our choices. A pretty simple formula though not so easy to always do, as we all know. There are so many allurements, emotional entanglements and temptations which seriously cloud our decision-making processes.

That is why taking quiet time, stepping back, and / or talking to a close friend, spouse or confidant can give us great clarity on a particular situation.

On the individual plane, with yoga and meditation – through study and contemplation – our conscience becomes more awakened. This is a key to a successful life, according to the yogi. Positive, constructive decision-making and goading ourselves towards more refined life choices is one of the most powerful ways we can positively impact our lives.

When I graduated college in ’89, so many seemed to jump directly into the financial sector, i.e. Wall St. And while that may have worked out fine for them, it was definitely not for me. Not knowing what to do, I simply delayed the matter and gave myself some breathing room by going north. That space was needed and it was not long before I embarked on the path of yoga (1991) which has greatly impacted my every life choice since.

While the account represents a more global life shift, we make so many micro decisions as well: What to eat, how to spend free time, ways of cultivating friendship and so much more.

Tell us about a choice you made with your sense of viveka and how that has positively impacted your life…

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  1. I am in the process of a pause right now. While I feel waves of fear because I don’t yet know which opportunity to encourage, I also have waves of positive feelings and a subtle kind of internal encouragement. This encouragement it little more than a whisper so I have to sit still and be with it daily. My hope is that with practice the whisper will become a stronger influence.

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