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Video: Remarkable Case Study on Reincarnation

This case study critically examines one boy’s experience with memories from his past. Regardless of one’s belief system, this is an intriguing portrayal that offers convincing evidence regarding the phenomenon of reincarnation.

This is a famous case that was reported on by many of the major news outlets. This first video is from ABC news:

Here is a shorter account from another major news outlet that includes interesting follow-up material.

At the very least, this offers something to consider, and allows us to pose questions that we may not always have time for in day-to-day life…

  1. Very interesting piece. A reminder to remain open to all possibilities in life.

  2. I love this story, and have believed in reincarnation for a long time. It took a while because of my upbringing, but it makes too much sense not to be a reality. As I’ve studied energy healing, different religions, and have experienced past lives myself through past life regressions, I know it’s real. It actually gives your life more meaning, and an understanding of why we are here. Satyam, the question I’ve always wanted to know, is whether we worked our way to reincarnating as humans from insects and animals, or have our spirits always been reincarnating as humans? All my past life regressions were human, so that is what I believe at this time, but I know people who think we were other living beings before.

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