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Video: Gentle Yoga Class

Namaskar and welcome to one of our gentle yoga classes. Basically, any class on our schedule not named as  Strength & Fitness or Absolutely Abs comes within the domain of “gentle yoga”. These classes are for everyone. Do join us – look forward to having you there!

  1. Beautiful! Once again the music is lovely and such a great companion to the visuals and to what you are saying.

  2. Lovely! Nicely done, Satyam. S

    (via Yoga Journal Community)

  3. This is a wonderful way to get the word out! I wish I lived closer and could experience your classes first-hand!

    Peace and love

    (via Yoga Journal Community)

  4. These videos are terrific. I love the warm comforting tone, the variety of participants, and the soundness of the theory.

    When do we get to see you?

    Bob Weisenberg

    (via Yoga Journal Community)

  5. Loved the videos. Yoga is supposed to be gentle and performed in a smooth flow.

  6. Great video! It’s a wonderful and true intro to your classes and I’m glad I have something I can share with my friends. I never stop trying to recruit !

  7. Thanks for your kind thoughts, words, and support Catrina – see you soon!


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