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Vegetarian Potluck ~ Fri Mar 30

vegetarian potluckVegetarian Potluck

Fri, Mar 30, 6p – 8:30p
Christ Church Parish Hall
(204 Owensville Rd)

RSVP Below…

We are very pleased to announce the first-ever Renaissance Yoga vegetarian potluck on Friday evening March 30, from 6p – 8:30p. All are invited: Yoga practitioners, spouses, friends, neighbors, kids, cousins – ALL.

Getting Together & Meeting Sara: This potluck is a time for us all to get together “off the mat” as well as a time to meet our visiting teacher, Sara Duke, who will be leading the restorative yoga workshops on Sunday, April 1.

This hall is an ideal location as it can turn into an indoor / outdoor affair (weather dependent).

RSVP: To best organize this joyous and sumptuous gathering, kindly respond in the comment section below. 1. Write your name; and, 2. What you plan to bring (more about this below).

By scanning the various comments we will organically organize our feast!

What to Bring: You are requested to bring any vegetarian dish of your choosing: Appetizer, main dish, salad, dessert, or beverage. (Note: No alcohol please.)

Going Green: To make this a green event, please bring your own place setting: Plate, bowl and utensils. Consider bringing containers just in case there is extra to take home.

What is Vegetarian: One question that may arise is what is meant by vegetarian. Well for this occasion we will use the lacto-vegetarian model. That means all kinds of grains, pastas, legumes (beans), nuts, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. So there is lots to choose from. You may follow a recipe or use your own innate talents. Kindly refrain from using any eggs or meat or fish of any kind.

Ingredient Flags: Please include a list of ingredients that you used to prepare your dish, including what spices you used. This has multiple benefits. That way we can all learn about new ways of preparing food as well as what things to shop for, and those with allergies can easily know what dishes they can eat.

Participation, Participation, Participation: Your participation in this event – and it is an event(!) – is highly valued. This is a time to see old friends and meet new ones, a gathering to socialize and share, and so much more. More than any dish, your presence is the main ingredient that will make this successful. Look forward to seeing you there!

Yes I Am Coming: Ok great – so you will be attending. Now just write your name in the comment section and tell us what you might like to bring. (Click on the “add yours” link below and type away!)

This is a casual affair – come when you can – drop in anytime – all are encouraged to arrive at 6p to get things going!!

  1. I’ll be bringing vegetable curry 🙂 Hope I put this in the correct place.

    Reply from Satyam: That is great Sara! And yes you put this in the right place!!

  2. I’ll be there with a huge, green salad w/dressings on the side.

  3. Yes, I’ll be there and I’m bringing a “Pan roasted beet, soft goat cheese and fava-bean salad.”

  4. I am very much looking forward to meeting Sara and sharing in a vegetarian feast. I’m thinking of bringing a spinach/cheese casserole and maybe something else, too. It’s making me hungry just thinking about it!

  5. I’ll be there with the whole gang with a recipe yet to be determined…

  6. I will bring Brown Rice and Edamame & Kale Salad. Brown Rice, Shelled Edamame, Kale, Lime Zest, Olive Oil, Ground Ginger, Carrots, Spring Onions, Red Sweet Pepper, Low Sodium Soy Sauce

  7. Fruit salad or a dessert

  8. I will be there with something ….different…not sure what yet 🙂 .

  9. SOUP!

  10. I’ll be there with roasted sweet potatoes and vegan pesto and a side dish of rice!

  11. My husband and I will be there. I was planning on bringing a tortellini salad and tofu chocolate pie. But if you need more main dishes I can switch to Quinoa casserole.

  12. My goodness – this potluck sounds wonderful! I can’t wait to meet and eat! Obviously, I will be there but do not yet know what I will bring. Looking forward to it.

  13. Im coming and hoping a new participant (s) will join me!! Not sure what Im bringing either but ingrdients will be provided as asked. Very much looking forward to meeting sara and the others whos faces I know but not their names. Great idea Satyam!

  14. I will be there, in spirit only, but I’ll be sending a batch of vegan filo bundles with apple, pear, and caramel sauce with Frances!

  15. I will be there – might bring my husband (a new recruit for the gentle class?). Will make an artichoke/goat cheese dip with crackers or pumpernickel bread and a chocolate zucchini cake.

  16. Ralph and I are coming and will bring a fruit salad or fruit dessert.

  17. Hi! We will all be there (bringing my 2 and 3 year olds). I’m making roasted asparagus “in a blanket” (crescent roll). Can’t wait to try everything – the food sounds amazing!!

  18. Definitely, I’ll be there. What I am bringing will depend on the day. Something suited to spring. And maybe a loaf of bread for those who can tolerate gluten. Comment if you cannot and I will make another loaf for you ; )

  19. Maybe some sushi or summer rolls. Yes.

  20. I’ll be there. I’m bring involtinis. (That’s grilled eggplant slices rolled around mushroom duxelle, garden greens and fresh herbs, baked in last-year’s-tomatoes sauce.)

  21. bringing pignolia cookies and pesto polenta.

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