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Tree Top Mountain

Annie-KirkAhhh – summer vacation…rising to new heights!

Here we have a couple of trees – Annie and Kirk – atop the highest point in West Virginia: Spruce Knob.

Some doubters may say that there cannot be two trees above treeline, but that is exactly what we have here.

Very nice to see that amidst this busy life they were able to go for a hike, blend in with nature, and witness all that is going on around them.

In day to day life often we get tunnel-visioned into particular works, projects and routines. Gaining a new, wide-angle perspective is so key to healthy living and awakening greater insights.

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  1. Dolly sods west va, beautiful views, perfect place to do “tree” love the couple tree.

  2. Just saw this….I love it! Wild and wonderful West Virginia meets Wild and wonderful Annie and Kirk!!

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