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Together with Mom & Mother Nature


Had a wonderful outing with mom this mother’s day weekend at Jug Bay – a neat little wonderland of a park here in Lothian.

We hiked the forested vegetation, strolled the “boardwalk”, enjoyed the great vistas, and talked and reflected plenty.

See all the photos here

It was a great place to celebrate and share. I highly recommend it – and hope to get back to Jug Bay this fall for a collective yoga program. It was only the weekend prior that we did yoga at Jug Bay for their women’s day event.

So mom and I had a great time together – talking, taking in nature.




Even got in a little yoga…

See all the photos here

(oh, did I tell you that I got mom a beautiful Jug Bay T-Shirt also!)

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  1. Satyam,

    What wonderful pictures. I don’t know exactly where the park is but I definitely need to find out. It’s obviously close so that’s great.

    I hope your mother had a nice time just “being” with her son.

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