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Their Rainbow Will Come

Their Rainbow Will Come

The dramatic and diverse expressions – are beyond expression…

As we awaken to an unspeakably, powerful hurricane whipping across the island of Puerto Rico and the terrible earthquake that rocked Mexico City, an altogether different sight took shape in the sky before last night’s (Tuesday evening) class in Lothian…

A rainbow we saw just prior to class beginning… it was rather strange as there was no rain just sunshine…. stunning all in the same.

The above is a classic shot of our locale: An old barn, a field, a few trees, open sky, with the addition of a rainbow.

As I sit at my desk writing this, there are countless trees outside my window, and not so much as a single leaf is even moving. It is calm, quiet, and still. Yet, side by side, our neighbors to the south are undergoing record winds and mayhem in a category 4+ hurricane. Sometimes it is hard to imagine how one place can be so serene and safe while another can be so chaotic and life-threatening.

How far as individuals we can truly impact the situation? How far as a humanity we can prevent such disasters and hasten recoveries? What we can immediately reflect upon and refine is what we find truly important and constantly strive to aim in that direction. Often we get caught up in the material rather than contemplate the eternal.

Ultimately, there is much we can do, and the more we work collectively the greater will be the result. I know some of you have family members in areas getting hit the hardest, and many have traveled to those areas in the past. If you know of local or international aid groups that you have found to be particularly effective, please do share that information with us here.

Hopefully those trauma-stricken regions will soon get their rainbow…

Addendum: Jaya seems to be on quite the rainbow streak….

Leaving Yogaville this evening [Wed] another appeared…. actually a double, photo doesn’t show the second.


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