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The Snack Challenge: Apr ’17

The Snack Challenge: Apr ’17

Ok – here goes – bring out your favorite (healthy) snacks…

This month features the Snack Challenge – Twinkies aside please. We want to hear what healthy, nutritious snacks you use to keep you going through the day. It could be something as simple as peanut butter with carrots or celery. Or it could be something far more elaborate.

Pictured below is something I’ve been mentioning in class and having of late: Diced organic apples with freshly ground organic flax seed and a dash of sea salt. And sometimes I pour just a touch of warm water on top to make the flax powder moist and saucy, as opposed to dry and flaky.


Ok, I admit, this might not be for everyone. So share then share with us what works for you. Eagerly awaiting your entries for the Snack Challenge – photos welcomed.

Happy, healthy snacking to all!!

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