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The Great Garden Swap

Ok – my yogi and yogini gardeners – the season is underway. A few have expressed interest in this so I am putting it out there for all.

Are you growing a garden this year? Are you interested in swapping extras of your own harvest for extras of someone else’s harvest? If so, this Great Garden Swap might just be the thing for you.

Mark's GardenJust to get you into the spirit – take a look at Mark’s garden. He has got a great looking raised bed. (Note: He claims that this is his “1st time garden”).

Now don’t go blaming Mark for giving me the idea to start the Great Garden Swap. He is totally innocent – actually it is all Tina’s fault. Blame her. Mark’s garden is featured here simply because he was the first to send me a picture of his garden. That’s it – test your luck – send me a photo of your garden and see what happens!

So with this Great Garden Swap, it is all quite simple. Grow plenty of something – submit your name and crop(s) to me – and we will add you to the pool of traders. Then you can check out the extras that others grew.

So the Great Garden Swap is (a) very local, (b) full of good karma and positive vibrations, (c) extremely economical, and (d) very tasty! In that case, why not participate?!?

Mark's Green SaladAfter all Mark is not just planting, watering, and nurturing – he is eating too!

Check out this great looking sample from a salad (spinach, lettuce & radish) that came from Mark’s garden! He and his family were indulging in fresh greens this weekend.

The moral of the story is this. If you don’t have a garden, then get going with one. And then get prepared to share your leftover bounty and partake in the fruits of someone else’s loving labor!

Waiting to hear from you as we get the Great Garden Swap off the ground!!!

  1. This is awesome! I look forward to sharing vegies and herbs. Tina

  2. Ok, I basically live in a cave, so aside from mushrooms I probably can’t contribute anything, but I will be MORE than happy to absorb any excess!

  3. every one has SOMETHING to contribute….

  4. I now have an overabundance of micro-greens which are very tasty in a salad. Also my parsley wants to seed so bad, and have been fighting that, but have lots of parsley too. Wild arugula, from last year, needs cutting. Its really yummy, but more than I can eat and great in salads too. anyone got squash? I didnt plant that and would love some……Not much time on these so let me know ASAP….Tina

  5. is anyone reading this? I have some okra plants that need thinning. they are big. anyone interested? they grow great in this climate.

  6. I love this idea, so I’ve been following the thread. Unfortunately, my yard is extremely shaded. Like Annie, I haven’t been able to cultivate much but mushrooms and moss so far! I have several pots of herbs in the one sunny patch on my patio, and I’m trying to coax a couple of container tomato plants as well.

    If anyone knows of any garden delights that grow well in shade, I’d love to hear about it!

  7. We have a rather large garden. I have fresh dill, thyme and lemon balm in overabundance. We have also planted cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and okra. The cucumbers are just starting to come in. I will post when ready for a trade. This was a great idea Tina.

  8. I am growing lots of different herbs flowers and veggies. I will have squash, it is just starting to fruit. I will also have lots of different peppers, tomatoes and hopefully cucumbers. I grow lots of herbs such as peppermint, spearmint, lemon balm, nettle, lavender, oregano, thyme etc etc. I also have lots and lots of plants available for anyone still interested, tomatoes that a begging to be planted, peppers, zinnias, morning glories and the list goes on. I would love for someone to give them a good home! If anyone would like some plants they are welcome to come by my house or I can bring them to yoga. When I have veggies available I will let you all know

    Thanks for getting us together Tina and Satyam

  9. Okay, now I’m trying to figure out how to better get in touch. My phone # is 301-855-8731 for anyone who would like to be in touch closer than this. I have green onions. They are actually onions that need thinning out. They are quite good and mild as they are sweet onions. If anyone in the Tuesday morning class at saint james would like some, I will bring them to class. Sharon, if you are in the tuesday class, can you bring some zinnias? Would love some. I will have green beans very soon , and looks like alot of them. I also have a couple lettuce that would like to go to seed. Will bring those as well. Tina

  10. Thanks Tina, I would like some green onions and I’ll bring some zinnias.
    My number is 301-812-0999.
    See you soon

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