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The Art & Science of Relaxation: Sun, Oct 21

relaxationThe Art & Science of Relaxation

Sun, Oct 21, 2012; 2p – 4:30p
Galesville Memorial Hall

$25 by Oct 17; $30 after Oct 17


Stress has become synonymous with modern living; but, it need not become a permanent condition. Stress can be defeated and the yogis know exactly how to do it.

First one needs to understand how stress develops and then know how to combat it. According to the yogis, the answer lies right there in the mind – and body. So instead of waiting for that fateful day when life slows down (which is never going to happen), discover how you can heighten your capacity and melt all stress away – or even prevent it from manifesting in the first place!

This experiential-cum-philosophical seminar will explore the workings of the mind and body – and the connection therein. Gain insight into how to find tranquillity in even the toughest of circumstances. Our tools on this journey will be our breath, our meditative skills, along with specific physical movements and positioning – personalized for you. One of the great gifts of yoga is how to create mental ease (santos’a) through gentle, supportive postures.

Come discover practical and simple ways – and some fancy ones too(!) – for refining your ability to experience deep relaxation. There will be ample scope for personal reflection and exploration. This is a great opportunity for all seeking rest, renewal, and lifelong techniques to create equipoise and balance. No prior yoga experience needed – just life experience.

Note: All registrants will receive specific instructions on what to bring.

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