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Wellness Fair: Sun Feb 25, 11a – 3p

Feel Good Wellness Fair: Sun Feb 25, 11a – 3p at Greenstreet Gardens (Lothian) This is a great occasion to learn about resources in your community to help you cultivate a healthier and more joyous life… Come join us at this great event!! Look forward to seeing […]

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Hot Drink Challenge: Feb ’18

Hot Drink Challenge: Feb ’18 Share with us your favorite recipes during this mid-winter month… Hopefully the worst of the cold, frigid weather is behind us. Nonetheless, February is a classic mid-winter month. While some of us go away to warm up, like my mom who is […]

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Nitro “Overseeing” Inversions (kind of)

Nitro “Overseeing” Inversions (kind of) Nitro is in training & doing great, however we might not recommend him to spot anyone learning inversions….not just yet anyway… The following scene occurred this past Thursday (1/25/18), which is just a week or so beyond Nitro’s first birthday. Just as […]

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Snowy Owls & the Vicissitudes of Life

Snowy Owls & the Vicissitudes of Life The ups and downs of life are unavoidable; it is how we respond to them that is so important & meaningful… Life is not always predictable and smooth; it is full of ups and downs. But the yogis say that […]

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“As You Think, So You Become….”

“As You Think, So You Become…” The environment we live in externally & the one we create internally have a big effect on our mental status… Although humorous, the below cartoon is quite true in many ways. As opposed to focusing on the dog’s version, let’s investigate […]

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Question Challenge: Jan ’18

Question Challenge: Jan ’18 Here is an opportunity to raise those long-lost or new inquiries about everything yoga… Human life is about progress, growth, and expanding our psychic horizons. To that end, we usher in the New Year with the Question Challenge. Here is how it will […]

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Help! Unidentified Gnome

Help! Unidentified Gnome This guy popped up this holiday season and we are trying to find his home….if you have any info let us know…. For more details read below… Here is what we know thus far: * This is a bearded Yoga Gnome * The Gnome […]

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Holiday Week Yoga: Dec 25 – Jan 2

Holiday Week Yoga: Dec 25, 2017 – Jan 2, 2018 Roll through the holidays and into the New Year with us…. Mon, Dec 25 No Classes – Holiday Tue, Dec 26 8:30a Absolutely Abs 9a Continuing Yoga Wed, Dec 27 No Classes – in NY Thurs, Dec […]

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Nitro: (Back) on the Path of Yoga

Nitro: (Back) on the Path of Yoga So Nitro “officially” ended his yoga hiatus (for maturity purposes) and has started to coming to class for real. His first day back was Thursday, Nov 30. Here are a few photos of Nitro from Tues Dec 5 at the […]

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Jaya’s Maiden Voyage to NYC

Jaya’s Maiden Voyage to NYC Here is Jaya being an active participant in NYC street life. This is day one of her first visit ever to NYC (12/4/17)…I say that she is more than holding her own in the Big Apple!! Jaya writes us: Some shots from […]

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