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Following Dr’s Orders – Strictly

When post-op for a meniscus (knee) repair one must follow the doctor’s orders very strictly. The surgeon gave the instruction to keep the leg elevated – and Kirk is doing just that, albeit in revolved half-moon with a staff! The surgery was Friday, i.e. a mere 4 […]

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How To Avoid Wrist Pain In Your Practice

We all want to stay injury-free; that is a given. From time to time, pains and aches may arise due to life circumstances or daily living patterns. In our present era, wrist issues do arise due to keyboarding etc and those can play in to your yoga […]

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Growing Yoga Family

Reza (you have to see his skydiving video) and Monaca (see 2nd photo of this post) are Saturday regulars. And in the last 19 months they have had two children – both girls, Ameila & Sophia. Both of whom attended dozens and dozens of yoga classes while […]

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A Window Into Dave’s World

As we march on in March’s Self-Expression Challenge we have received some shots of David’s practice and trade… Being a sailor’s sailor, first David is giving proof that he does not spend all his time at sea – sometimes he hangs out at the beach as well. […]

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Tina’s Jewelry Collection

Here we have yet another gem for our Self-Expression Challenge…this one from Tina. In her own words Tina describes what she is up to… Here you go! These are a few of my latest creations.  I have been trying my hand at making jewelry.  Recently I took […]

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Camel Pose on the Water

On this day of snow showers, we should all take heart in this photo from Sarah on her recent vacation. Sarah writes the following about her camel pose experience: We went to Ft Lauderdale, Florida last weekend and went out on the canal on paddle boards – […]

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Yoga Day At Chesapeake Montessori

One of our longtime yoga moms – Sarah – invited our yoga instructor, Kate Spano, to lead some yoga sessions at the Montessori school that her children, Ellie & Evan, attend. Here below are a few photos from this event as well as Sarah’s account of the […]

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Recap: Yoga Anatomy / Bio-Mechanics

Thanks to all who came out for yesterday’s (Sat 2-22-14) Yoga Anatomy: Bio-Mechanics & Alignment workshop. It proved to be yet another insightful seminar. And you all really brought a lot to the fore with respect to queries, engagement, and more. As usual, Sean raised some really […]

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Video: Overcoming Distractions

A brief look at what some have to overcome when they practice. Do you have a similar issue. If so, tell us about it or send us pics…   This is perhaps the most famous video of yoga with a feline friend… Look forward to hearing / […]

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Further Scenes: Arm Balance Challenge #3

This is definitely an “I did it moment!” In this Arm Balance Challenge all have their perceived obstacles and goals. While she has a very accomplished practice, for Tina (below) crow pose was a fearful proposition. She did not like the idea of possibly falling forward – […]

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