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Yoga Pose & Poetry Medley

Thanks Sherrod for this wonderful array of poses and poetry… Triangled in down-ward facing dog I become canine, arch and stretch, Imaging a yawn and a good scratch would be nice, Or maybe a nap? ~~~~~~~~~~~ Standing balanced on foot ‘balls’ knees flexed hips tucked chest open […]

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Together with Mom & Mother Nature

Had a wonderful outing with mom this mother’s day weekend at Jug Bay – a neat little wonderland of a park here in Lothian. We hiked the forested vegetation, strolled the “boardwalk”, enjoyed the great vistas, and talked and reflected plenty. See all the photos here It […]

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Podcast: Yoga for Back Care

Here is an unscripted podcast focusing on yoga for back care for you to follow at home. This is a gentle sequence that anyone can do. All that is needed is a yoga mat and a yoga block. This podcast was made in concert with a yoga […]

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