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Video: Planet Earth – Amazing Nature Scenery

Amazing Video on Planet Earth A wonderful journey into nature’s wonders. No further introduction needed…

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Halloween Yoga Video & More Photos

Halloween Yoga Video & More Photos In addition to our initial set of Halloween Yoga photos for 2015, we have received this next set from Sarah (aka the constellations) On Halloween, the need of the hour was to do the scariest post imaginable – and that would […]

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Video Challenge: Aug 2015

Ok – here it is in video form – a description of the the Video Challenge… A few things to keep in mind: – The aim is participation – not perfection. The above video was made in just a few minutes – no script, no edits, no rehearsals. […]

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Video: Jumping to Baby Crow

Smoothly Jumping into Baby Crow Here we have Renee make an exemplary step or jump into baby crow pose. Thanks for the neat demo Renee… …next up her dear friend Diane will strike her pose for the video camera  

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Video: Sam’s Philosophy on Life

Sam Berns led a dynamic and courageous life – all the while encumbered by a rare disease known as progeria which causes premature aging. But don’t think he lived a life of suffering – never. Here below Sam shares with us his philosophy on life. (Note: Sam […]

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Harvard Study: Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

Here is a very interesting report just released by Harvard scientists and doctors about the benefits of yoga. Important: Do not let the image dissuade you from watching this video. They are primarily talking about the brain and stress reduction – not doing fancy poses. Two points […]

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Scenes from Class – Arm Balances

Here are a few images from last night’s class in Chesapeake Beach – an array of arm balances and inversions. This is a typical scene at the end of the Monday night class where each practitioner gets opportunity to practice poses of their choice. Some opt for […]

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Yoga with Southern H.S. Cross-Country Team

On Monday, Sep 9, 2013, we did a yoga session with the X-C team of Southern High School at Coach Ellmore’s farm in Lothian. Each fall we do one or two trainings with the team. This time Mitchelle Stephenson of South River Source came on site and […]

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What a Wonderful World

Another must-see, awe-inspiring video.It does make one reflect upon our inherent connection with the natural world – and beyond. Wouldn’t it be nice if all ads were this sentient and pure? View this in FULL SCREEN MODE…

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Video: The Vast Creation

Tour some of the more remote and inspiring places on this earth, contemplating the link that unites us all. For a full screen, high resolution viewing, click here.

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