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Happy Earth Day!!

Happy Earth Day Here’s a great way to help the cause… Is this not a great way to actively promote sustainable living practices and support the cause of environmentalism and ecological balance.  

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Veggie Dish Challenge: Nov 2015

Veggie Dish Challenge: Nov 2015 A great time to share healthy, tasty eating with friends and family. How it works: For the month of November 2015, we shall embark on the Veggie Dish Challenge. It is very simple. During the course of month, prepare a plant-based dish and […]

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Recap: Eating Healthy ~ Celebrating Simply

Well, we had a wonderful gathering of foodies and yogis at our annual Eating Healthy seminar with Bethanne and Kenny Kashkett. As you can see here, we had a full house (24) for the gathering: The theme of the event was celebrating simply: How to host a […]

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Eating Healthy: Celebrate Simply – Sun, Nov 10

Eating Healthy: Celebrate Simply Sun, Nov 10, 2:30p – 5:30p Galesville Memorial Hall $50 by Nov 1 // $55 by Nov 6 $60 after Nov 6 Register Explore tasty appetizers and sumptuous desserts that focus on simplicity and health. Sample an array of dishes that allow you […]

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Our Grand Vegetarian Potluck

On Friday evening we held our 2nd annual vegetarian potluck; this year it was held at Galesville Memorial Hall. And what a grand occasion it was! Thanks to all who came out for the gathering. In total, there were 40 – 45 attendees, and an incredible amount […]

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Vegetarian Potluck: Fri, May 10, 6p – 8:30p

Our 2nd Annual Vegetarian Potluck Friday, May 10, 6p – 8:30p Galesville Memorial Hall All Are Welcome ~ Free Event We are very pleased to announce our 2nd annual Renaissance Yoga vegetarian potluck on Friday evening May 10, from 6p – 8:30p at Galesville Memorial Hall. All […]

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Eating Healthy Recap

Yesterday’s Eating Healthy: Foods that Nourish Body and Mind was an out-of-sight experience. Bethanne and Kenny did an absolutely masterful job! It was so far beyond that all I can say in this blog post is that you just HAD to be there. It was beyond words […]

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Eating Healthy: Nourish Your Body and Spirit ~ Dec 9

Eating Healthy: Nourish Your Body and Spirit Sunday, Dec 9th, 2:30pm – 5:30pm Galesville Memorial Hall $50 by Nov 30 // $55 by Dec 5 $60 after Dec 5 Register Today Here is the next offering in our annual Eating Healthy series with Bethanne and Kenny Kashkett. […]

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Beyond Meat

A Maryland Original!! Here is the story of a native Marylander who grew up on your run-of-the-mill animal farm near the PA border, and now does his own new kind of farming: Fake Chicken. I heard the story Thursday morning on NPR and share it with you […]

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Our Potluck: A Grand Occasion

Our first-ever vegetarian potluck was nothing short of a complete, smashing success. Thanks to all of you! We had great turnout of about 40 people – and the dishes everyone brought were just outstanding. Everyone was so creative in food preparation. It was a feast fit for […]

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