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Yogini Backpackers Hit the Trail

Spring has sprung – finally – plus it helps a little if you go down to… GEORGIA!! And that is exactly what our local yogini did – meet up with her cousin down south in the Georgia hills. These two are no strangers to partner poses. After […]

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Yoga Balance Challenge – Podcast #1

Podcast:  Balance Challenge #1 Time: 11 min 45 sec Here is the first podcast for this month’s Balance Challenge. The first week of this challenge explores three poses: Dancer pose, tree pose, and hand to big toe pose. These are all standing balance poses and you can […]

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Balance Challenge: Mar 2015

The Balance Challenge will be our monthly challenge for March 2015 – specifically we will focus on standing balance poses. Each week will present a new series of poses along with tips and pointers for your practice. About: This challenge is not about duration and holding the poses […]

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Yoga In The Florida Keys

While some of us struggle with the brisker weather that is settling in, we can all take solace in the fact that at least some people are warm and comfortable – and doing yoga outside on the beach!! Keep doing lots of tree pose for us Tina!! […]

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Snow Yoga: Chance Meeting In the Woods

Both Jean (left) and Nancy went on vacation with their own families – separately. They were both going to Deep Creek Lake, but it is a big area and they were staying in different locations. Both went for an outing of trekking through the snow in the […]

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Tree Pose: 8 Days After A Hip Replacement!!

Amazing – just amazing!! Here is Annie a mere 8 days after having hip replacement surgery. She had her surgery on the morning of the 6th of November and here she is on the morning of the 14th of November. And YES, the hip that was replaced […]

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Tree Top Mountain

Ahhh – summer vacation…rising to new heights! Here we have a couple of trees – Annie and Kirk – atop the highest point in West Virginia: Spruce Knob. Some doubters may say that there cannot be two trees above treeline, but that is exactly what we have […]

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Serenity of the Sea

Mary Beth, Derek & their three children (shown above) have taken a jaunt to Hawaii. Here we see three wonderful tree poses perfectly set on the north shore of Oahu. Their psychic temperament neatly matches the great serenity of the sea. Mary Beth also reports that she […]

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Island Hopping & Maine

While fall may be upon us now, Sharon took a short respite from this seasonal transition and high-tailed it down for a week of R & R to St. John (Virgin Islands) – though one of these three pics was taken in Maine. Tell us which one. […]

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On Vacation: MomTree

Here is a girl after my own heart – someone who considers going to see mom a vacation!! Here is Kate visiting mom on a recent tour back to upstate NY. In an email titled “Yoga Vacation”, Kate writes: Here’s a picture of my Mom doing a […]

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