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Student Spotlight: Ileana

Here we meet up with Ileana of Dunkirk  – podcast below – to discuss her yoga practice, the plank challenge, and her approach to life. Along the way, Ileana graciously reveals her secrets to longevity and more. You may be surprised by her age and what she […]

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Student Spotlight: Liz

Here following we feature Liz in the latest in our student spotlight series. To date most of the Student Spotlights have been podcasts, This is different as I asked Liz if she was interested in writing a guest blog post about her experiences – and the project […]

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Student Spotlight: Sherrod

As our student spotlight series develops, today we have both a youtube video and a podcast (audio) from Sherrod. Please find both below. Sherrod, a regular on Monday nights (NECC), is always ready for the next “move” – both in life and in yoga. She enjoys being […]

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Student Spotlight: My Yoga Practice – A Call for Interviews

Here is an opportunity for you to come forward and share all the ways yoga has helped you in your life. We all grow in so many ways – sometimes quickly, sometimes after somersaulting backwards, and sometimes seemingly not at all, yet we grow. Our practice is […]

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